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I worked full-time for Fitocracy for over 2 years as the sole iOS developer. After inheriting an MVP, I iterated on existing features and overhauled entire systems such as the tracking interface.

I played supporting roles in some aspects of UX, such as the first time user experience and tracking interface. The app was primarily designed by Jared Cocken, who was in charge of product at Fitocracy.

Fitocracy is a large app, taking advantage of many iOS system frameworks, as well as multiple custom animations. The storage backend uses Core Data.

The app is consistently rated very highly and frequently featured in the Health & Fitness section of the App Store. I spent a great deal of time working on this app and very happy with what it's become. I'm very proud of the team and product.

See more about Fitocracy on Small Empires hosted by Alexis Ohanian of Reddit & Hipmunk fame.

Fitocracy is available on the App Store.

Fitocracy Macros

In late 2012, Fitocracy decided to expand its offering to include an iOS application for tracking users' food intake. The key difference between Fitocracy Macros and other food trackers is that it requires input of macronutrients instead of calories. This means tracking protein, carbohydrates, and fat individually.

The application is the brain child of Jared Cocken, featuring very cool custom animations making a very attractive application. It was featured on its first day of release by Apple.

The application was built on the solid foundation of libraries created in the process of building the main Fitocracy app. Shared systems were separated out into git submodules to make sure both apps received bug fixes in common code.

Featured on Mens Fitness' list of The Top Fitness Apps of 2014.

Fitocracy Macros is available on the App Store.


I built Puff+ in 2011 to scratch my own itch. Back then the official Facebook application only supported single photo uploads, and I wanted to batch upload files with the option to quickly upload the last image I had taken. At the time, I was satisfied with any of the 3rd-party options, so, well, I built my own. Puff+ stands for Photo Upload For Facebook Plus.

The app had several novel features, including a gesture based interface & non-trivial animations, which were breaking new grounds for apps in 2011.

While the app hasn't been updated since 2011 before I took on full-time employment, it is still available on the App Store.

Bugz & Bugz Lite

In 2008, I downloaded the iPhone SDK (it wasn't called the iOS SDK back then!) and was instantly mesmerized. With the help of my long-time IRC friend, Dave Perry, Bugz was born. It came in two flavors: Bugz, a paid version; and Bugz Lite, an add supported version. This was before IAP existed and macrotransactions had been popularized for games like this :-)

Dave was responsible for the gameplay logic in Bugz. I built the graphics library, the sound engine, the input handling, and the menuing. Essentially, I built the game engine supporting it before any of the mobile game engines such as Cocos2D or Unity had been created or become popular. It was an exciting time!

Bugz was a success in the kids section of the App Store. You can download it here.

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