Symbolicating iOS 8 Crash Logs

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I decided to try and help you all with this problem.

I've started writing an application for symbolicating crash logs.
Want to try it? You can download a beta here.

If you're having crash logs come in via iTunes Connect or another service and having trouble symbolicating them, you're not alone. I spent about an hour trying to coerce Xcode into showing me the location of a crash in my application code, but Xcode 5 is not able to symbolicate crashes from iOS 8 because its developer toolchain lacks the necessary symbol files. The solution is to use one of the Xcode 6 beta builds, which include the symbol files for iOS 8. I have Xcode 6 Beta 4 installed, and it doesn't have the Device Logs pane of the Devices window like Xcode 5 does, so you'll need to use `symbolicatecrash`, the script the powers resymbolication in Xcode.

  1. Gather your crash log and the dSYM file for your app.
  2. Open a terminal and navigate to where you put your crash log and dSYM file.
    • We'll call them `myapp.crash` and ``
  3. Run `sudo xcode-select --switch /Applications/`
    • Replace `` with whichever version you have installed.
  4. Finally, run:

DEVELOPER_DIR=`xcode-select -print-path` /Applications/ -o ./myapp-resymbolicated.crash ./myapp.crash ./

If everything went smoothly, you'll now have a file in the current directory named `myapp-resymbolicated.crash` that contains the resymbolicated crash report. That should be it!

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