Hi there, I'm Julius.

I can start on an awesome new project around September 2015.
Feel free to reach out.

I create mobile apps for startups and small businesses.

Want to know if I'm a good fit? Well, are you:

  • A startup looking to get their MVP to market, but want it done right?
  • A small business looking to increase sales using a mobile app?
  • A startup looking to add awesome new features to their existing app?
  • Another agency looking for a fantastic app developer to handle a new contract?

Was I right? If so, you came to the right place.


You can reach me via email at hello@juliusparishy.com
Or follow me on Twitter


What else do I do?

  1. I've been published on programming sites such as SitePoint.com

  2. I created and run the popular Swift website RunSwiftLang.com

  3. I regularly write about Swift on my website


More about development


Why am I the right developer for your app?

  • I have 6 years of experience with iOS development.
  • I've been working on mobile platforms for a decade.
  • I have worked on apps ranging from trade show circuit demos to social networks with millions of users.
  • I have a very strong attention to detail.
  • I believe my clients should be making more money and consider it my #1 priority to make that happen.

In short, you will love working with me.

I'm located in Princeton, NJ. Just outside of New York City.

I am a generalist software engineer.

However, I do specialize in App Development, where my skills include:

  • Objective-C, C/C++, and Swift

  • iPhone, iPad, & Universal Apps

  • Custom animations & user interface elements
  • Management of the entire iOS App Submission process
  • All facets of the iOS SDK & system frameworks

You made it this far. I know you want an amazing app. I'll make it happen.