Hi there, I'm Julius.

I am not accepting new projects on a freelance basis.
For information about working with me, please see my agency, JayMobile.

Mostly I create or improve apps for startups and small businesses.
I also run a small, thoughtful mobile development agency.
My office is located in Princeton, NJ but I work with clients world-wide.


Let's cut to the chase. You want an app.

And I can make it for you. In the past I've created apps for companies like Fitocracy and Charlie.
I've also created a few of my own.

At Fitocracy, I built the main product, a workout tracker, and a companion app, Macros, for counting calories.
For Charlie, I built their main iOS client for providing brief reports on people you meet with.

Both products at Fitocracy where featured by Apple on multiple occasions.
Charlie has been featured as well, and hit #1 on Product Hunt when it was released.


You can check them out over at my portfolio or see some screenshots below.



I also write about software development best practices over at blog. Feel free to check that out too.

Why I'm Good at what I do

I've been at this whole software thing for almost ten years. I've been working on iOS apps since the SDK was released in 2008 and was building homebrew apps for the Sony PSP before that. I've developed software for all the major platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and of course iOS.

Above all, I enjoy creating software. I am a talented problem solver who's found his calling and, well, it's writing code. I'm opinionated yet open-minded & constantly learning everything I can about software development, programming languages, and perfecting the processes behind creating successful software products.

If you're a serious business and you want someone experienced to build your app, I'm the guy to do it. 


Let's Make Your App. I'm Ready When You ARe.